Rhinestones and Cabochons


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We have a number of different types of stones which can be used for various applications such as decoration during the face- and body painting, but also for decorating for example, costumes and accessories.

There are two qualities stones in our assortment in various colors and sizes:
* Economy stones are all nice stones at an affordable price, these are machine cut stones with little or no aspects. We have them in faceted stones (rhinestones) and semi-circular beads (cabochons). Great for low budget projects, or if you just need a simple stone. When used on the body they certainly give the desired effect. Also suitable for use on textiles through a hotfix applicator or ironfole, but they will probably not stay on for 50 washes.

* DMC stones, these are stones with superior quality with an insane shine at an affordable price. These are also machine cut stone with 12 superior facet cuts. (In comparison with the much more expensive Swarovski Crystal stones, they have 16 cut and the Preciosa stones have 12 cut.). Especially with jobs where quality of your paint or suit is important, you'll appreciate this stone certainly. The adhesive strength of the stone when used with a hotfix applicator or coating film is excellent, they will stay on for many washes.

You can either glue the stones on the skin by, for example Hydromastik, Ad Gem (Mehron), Y-body Pink Glue or Chloïs Body Glue (for longer lasting adhesion).

SS6 = about 2 mm
SS10 = about 3 mm
SS16 = approximately 4 mm


Colorini Tattooink Black 15 ml € 14,95 € 12,95
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